Hilka Bobra

Am I Jazz?


Music for Murder

Coctail composed of noir music, soundtracks, dense dark jazz that will help you to die and revive in order to die again

Elektric Sandwich


Unaussprechlichen Kulten

The endless pilgrimage to the other side of the music ark: weird, obscure & rare tunes selected by Anthony Junkoid.


Radio ШЩЦ

20ft Hip hop

Anadolu Invasion

Start your journey through the fairy and mystical sound of Turkish 70's with 20ft special. Mixture of funky, garage and psychedelic tunes, only three mixes, each of them is unforgetable trip through the joy and pain of Selda Bagcan, Erkin Koray, Kamuran Akkor and other significant figures of Anadolu scene.